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At the small Café Odden, You can enhoy an all-day snack menu, coffees, cold beverages, home baked pastry and ice cream - while You enjoy the sea view.

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Take a stroll at the harbor front or along the beach, or you could explore the canal Frederik the VII's Canal, running parallel to the waterfront.Don’t miss out on the beautiful island of Livø; or you could follow the track, Himmerlandsstien – a 69 km route taking its point of departure in Løgstør. The magnificent scenery provides rich opportunities for fabulous hiking, biking or riding.If your are eating out in Løgstør, you should try Kanalfogedens Køkken, a restaurant on the list of North Jutland’s finest restaurants.Mariager Fjord is a long, narrow fjord with a permanently anoxic basin.A cozy old low to the ceiling, timber framed house with a thatch roof, where you are served by the “Forrest Witch”.

She is serving traditional Danish food in her restaurant and on the terrace, where we also will have live entertainment during the summer.Participate in guided snaps and bitter tours or go angling from the Town of Mussels, where you can haul up herrings, oysters and, obviously, mussels from the inlet.See the spectacular Løgstør Church in central Løgstør; and just 1.5 kilometres away, you come across the exclusive golf course, owned by Løgstør Golf Club.Hotel Postgården is situated at the quaint town-square where you can also find the Tourist Office, which is housed in the former Town Hall dating back to 1822.The town’s biggest attraction is Denmark’s Salt Center, located at the harbour.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.