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Bill Palm's remains were returned to the US on July 25, 1960.

The plane flew over numerous Soviet air fields and naval facilities conducting photographic reconnaissance and making radar scope images of the various facilities.

The RB-47E continued to Arkhangelsk before turning west and heading back to England.

One Mi G was able to hit the Stratojet with several rounds and caused moderate damage to the wing and fuselage.

Before the Mi Gs were able to shoot down the USAF plane, it crossed the border into Finland and the Mi Gs broke off the attack.

Especially the arctic fox is preferred by the Information Technology Enterprise.

By a sponsorship they are supporting the Zoo am Meer for several years.

The USAF plane was intercepted by Mi G fighters after being over Soviet territory for about 50 miles.

Initially, Mi G-15 Fagots were spotted, but a short time later a flight of Mi G-17 Frescos appeared.

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1 July 1960 A US Air Force ERB-47H Stratojet (53-4281) of the 38th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, flying over the Barents Sea was downed by Soviet pilot Vasili Poliakov, flying a Mi G-15 Fagot.