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Not only did Harald not fit the classic image physically, he was a rather unusual Viking.

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The first specimen of what would later become associated with Canis dirus was found in the summer of 1854 in the bed of the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana.

The fossilized jawbone with cheek-teeth was obtained by the geologist Joseph Granville Norwood from an Evansville collector, Francis A. The paleontologist Joseph Leidy determined that the specimen represented an extinct species of wolf and reported it under the name of Canis primaevus.

Norwood's letters to Leidy are preserved along with the type specimen (the first of a species that has a written description) at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.

In 1857, while exploring the Niobrara River valley in Nebraska, Leidy found the vertebrae of an extinct Canis species that he reported the following year under the name C.dirus (Leidy 1858) and Canis indianensis (Leidy 1869).

'Blaa' is the modern Danish word for 'blue', but once meant 'dark skinned'.

'Tan' once meant 'great man', and has been confused with 'tand', the modern Danish word for 'tooth'.Dire wolf fossils have rarely been found north of 42°N latitude, with five unconfirmed reports above this latitude.This range restriction is thought to be due to temperature, prey, or habitat imposed by proximity to the Laurentide Ice Sheet and the Cordilleran Ice Sheet that existed at that time.These characteristics are thought to be adaptations for preying on Late Pleistocene megaherbivores, and in North America its prey are known to have included horses, sloths, mastodons, bison, and camels.As with other large Canis hypercarnivores today, the dire wolf is thought to have been a pack hunter.During his rule, Denmark and Norway were Christianised and united, so Ericsson used the analogy that he "allowed greater communication between people" when naming their wireless communication protocol. Apparently Bluetooth was a Danish King who was particularly good at getting people to work together.