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Single tickets, 24-hour tickets, mini group tickets and 3-day tickets obtained from vending machines are already validated.

Public transport in Germany operates on a system of trust, however periodic spot checks are made.

There are several possibilities for parking:- hourly parking - multi-storey car parks (Parkhuser)- resident sticker (Bewohner Parkausweis).

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A taxi from the center of Bonn to the airport costs about Euro 34.

Address of the airport authorities: Flughafen Köln/Bonn Gmb H Postfach 99 Köln Phone: 49 2203 - 40 1 Fax: 49 2203 - 40 40 44 Thanks to a dense network of railway lines and reliable services, rail travel out of and into Bonn is quick and easy.

The fine for travelling without a valid ticket is EUR 40.

The Welcome-Card is a wonderful way to see the sights of the city for one great price.

Fares are metered unless you and the driver agree otherwise.

While public transport and cycling are the most environmentally sound and stress-free ways to get around in the city, Bonn has excellent roads and a large number of parking spaces to accommodate cars.Bus and tram stops (Haltestelle) are marked by a sign with a green H in a green circle against a yellow background.The numbers of the buses/trams that stop there are usually also listed together with their timetables.Taxis can be phoned for 0228 - 55 55 55 (or other numbers listed in the local yellow pages) or found at a taxi rank.If there is more than one taxi ready for service, be sure you go to the driver of the first car waiting in line even if one further back would be more convenient for you and your luggage.The machine rolls out a slip of paper with the printed time on it for you to put on the dashboard of your car so that it is clearly visible to the traffic warden.