Fickdates Augsburg

The team was founded as Fußball-Klub Alemania Augsburg in 1907 and played as BC Augsburg from 1921 to 1969.

With over 12,200 members, it is the largest football club in Swabian Bavaria.

Most programmes at the University of Augsburg are taught in German or, in the case of joint / double degrees, in German and the language of instruction at the other institution.

A separate list of programmes taught in foreign languages is appended below.

For this reason, FCA is generally not considered to carry on the traditions of TSV Schwaben, only those of BC Augsburg.

A year later, the footballers of Eintracht rejoined Schwaben but, since then, have always remained an amateur club.

FCA was to be a football club only with no other sports department.

The then-mayor of Augsburg, Hans Breuer, was one of the driving forces behind the move.

The merger came at a time of on-the-field decline for both sides, Schwaben had just been relegated from the tier-two Regionalliga Süd and decided that an attempt to regain their status was financially impossible, while BCA narrowly missed out on promotion to the league that season.

In June, 256 of 265 of BCA's members present voted for the merger while, But even this move was not universally popular within the club, with some former members forming a new football club, Eintracht Augsburg, and restarting at the lowest level of the pyramid.

In addition to these 15 Ph D programmes which include taught courses, the University also offers the opportunity to earn a research-only doctorate.

This is possible in all disciplines represented at the University of Augsburg.

A fourth-place finish in the league and dwindling supporter numbers proved that the new merger side had not yet been accepted in the city.