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In 1925 its congregations had nearly 7,000 members.

It pays to see its impressive Jewish cemetery which, founded in mid-17th century amidst a forest, was used at times by as many as 30 Jewish communites in the vicinity.

The graveyard with its several thousand graves features most conspicuously in its western section the mausoleum for the family of Dr. Around 1900 Weil owned one of the foremost global grain trading companies and operated out of offices in Buenos Aires and Frankfurt-on-Main. This unusuel structure was patterned on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

The large main synagogue at F 2.13 street and the Lemle-Klaus synagogue at F 1.11 street are commemorated by markers.

Mannheim's Jewish community, revived after World War II, now has a beautiful, modern synagogue, inaugurated in September 1987, at F 3 street.

The old Jewish cemetery at F 7 was forcibly cleared in 1938.

The remains of its 3,585 dead were laid to rest in the cemetery on Feudenheimer Strasse.

The town's former palace, built 1794-1802, bears witness to an interesting aspect of Jewish history.

Owned by the Seligmann family, the court's financial adviser, this building now serves Leimen as a town hall for representation purposes.

A ritual bath house was situated on the south side of the synagogue's yard.

Following its restoration from 1985 to 1987, the synagogue building is now used for lectures, concerts and other cultural purposes.

The erstwhile Jewish community centre, built at Mittelgasse 16 in 1845-46, is architecturally accented by Roman arches.