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Dopo aver effettuato la prenotazione di un hotel a Favrskov,ti invieremo una e-mail di conferma con i dettagli dell'hotel che hai prenotato, incluse indicazioni stradali, contatti, altre informazioni utili sulle attrazioni turistiche, ristoranti e trasporti che si trovano nella stessa area, oltre ad aggiornamenti meteo.

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Brinkmann’s writing has looked at the issue of why people in modern society experience loss of meaning in their lives.

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There will be intermissions for refreshments, including an evening intermission, when Café Hack will serve dinner on a long table – secondary school style!

(NB: dinner is included in the price, but can be purchased for DKK 245).

This will be the second of a series of four debates called HYPOTHETICALS, which are being presented by TV anchorman and editor Clement Kjersgaard.

With international and Danish guests present on the stage, Aarhus Teater will be the perfect venue, providing people with the space and time to explore thoughts in detail and to ask the big questions.

The following documentation is required: The Municipality of Favrskov draw your attention, that you only can get married in the Municipality if you subsequently sends forward all original documents to the municipality after they initially submitted as Electronic attached together with the marriage declaration.

An Aarhus 2017 Commission THE HYPOTHETICALSPresented by Aarhus 2017 with Clement Kjersgaard This will be the topic of debate when European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 invites people to Aarhus Teater on 21 May.Geeti Amiri: Debater who focuses on the fight for the rights of immigrant women, author of the autobiographical book ‘Glansbilleder’(Scraps) and radio host for the program ‘Geetisc råd’ (Geetish Advice), which is broadcast on Danish national radio channel P1. Mehdi Mozaffari: Professor in Political Science, Aarhus University, doing research in globalisation, islamism and radicalisation.Knud Romer: Author, debater and radio host for the programme Radio24syv programmet Romer Riget Carsten Jensen: Professor in Political Science, Aarhus University. THEME FOR THE DAY In countries all over the world – including Denmark – people are discussing what can and must hold society together. Ourselves or the community in either a new or an old version?You will be asked to pay before you submit the form to the Municipality.You can only pay by payment card and your payment card will be debited once you have filled out the declaration and submitted it to the Municipality.The information that you provide in the form and the documents that you attach are used by the Municipality of Favrskov to check if you can get married in Denmark.