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Birds The best time of year to visit Agerø is in springtime up to the beginning of June, and again from the beginning of August, when golden plovers and other waders are migrating south. It should be noted, however, that the numbers of geese vary very much depending on the water level.Agerø is best known for the uncommon light-bellied brent goose that winter here from November to May.

Wigeon is the most numerous species, arriving in July and leaving the area again in November.In autumn and winter, flocks of greylag goose, golden plover and lapwing can be seen, and curlew are present in smaller numbers.Click the relevant data sheet(s) to open, download and print the PDF file.The product’s item number and the safety data sheet revision date is stated in brackets after the product title.Now and again white-tailed eagle and merlin can be spotted.

In summer, marsh harriers fly over the reedbeds and in winter hen harriers and rough-legged buzzards appear.Various regulatory requirements stipulate that manufacturers of goods classified as involving a certain risk (e.g.hand disinfection) must provide documentation to the consumer about product content and measures needed in relation to the use of the product. Although safety data sheets are not required for cosmetic and hygiene products, we have nonetheless decided to provide corresponding documentation for all hygiene products – for the benefit of the consumer.1) Agerø2) Agger Tange3) Anholt4) Bjerregrav Mose5) Bolle and Try Meadows6) Bølling Sø7) Djursland's north-east coast8) Egå Engsø9) Hald Sø10) Halkær Sø11) Harboør Tange12) Hjarbæk Fjord13) Jerup Strand14) Lille Vildmose15) Madum Sø16) Mariager Fjord17) Nors Sø18) Rold Skov19) Roshage and Hanstholm Harbour20) Skagen21) Stubbe Sø22) Sødring Vildtreservat23) Ulvedybet24) Vejlerne24) Vest Stadil Fjord26) Vilsted Sø27) Vorup Enge Staging site of international importance for light-bellied brent goose and golden plover. Agerø with the bird-hide and the reserve in the background Description Most of the island of Agerø consists of cultivated farmland, but there are large stretches of coastal meadow along its coast.Off the coast are reaches of shallow water with sand flats, islands and islets. The Danish Bird Protection Foundation owns a reserve covering 26ha in the north-west corner of the island.Birds Several species of duck breed at Agger Tange, including shelduck, shoveler, gadwall, mallard and garganey.