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All the water in the municipality is flowing water.The municipality is located along the Emme river and in the Bigen and Biembach valleys at elevations of 570–900 meters (1,870–2,950 ft).

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The population was made up of 1,455 Swiss men (46.9% of the population) and 90 (2.9%) non-Swiss men.

There were 1,483 Swiss women (47.8%) and 77 (2.5%) non-Swiss women.

In the federal election, a total of 1,099 votes were cast, and the voter turnout was 44.6%.

Until the second half of the 19th century Hasle bei Burgdorf was primarily an agricultural village.

The name can be traced back to the Old High German word hasal, meaning hazel bush.

In the Middle Ages, Hasle was part of the Grafschaft Kyburg. In 1525, the village became part of the office of a village mayor Burgdorf.

It is in the Emmental in the floodplain on the left shore of the Emme in the molasse hills of the higher Swiss plateau.

The northeastern border of the municipality runs along the Emme.

Therefore, the hills are dominated by pasture and forests from a certain height.

The hills reach an average height of 800 meters (2,600 ft) above sea level.

In the 2011 federal election the most popular party was the Swiss People's Party (SVP) which received 34.9% of the vote.