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In every single measurement, the thermal management system avoided temperatures above the safety level of the cells.

However, at cycled charge and discharge operation disabled liquid cooling resulted in exceeding maximum cell temperature during third cycle.

Therefore liquid cooling is essential at cycled operation.

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For post processing a Math Cad script was written, which not only converts measured voltage into temperature data, but also provides a user-friendly result evaluation by proving clear graphic visualisations and informations as discharge duration and position and value of the maximum module temperature.

Possible sources of error, namely self-heating of the sensor device, production tolerance of thermistor and reference resistance and limited resolution of the digitalizer, were estimated by calculation and compared to experimental data.

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As the used sensors being passive components, a voltage divider was designed and constructed.

As next steps the sensing devices were attached to the cells, the module was put together and the test set-up was assembled.

Summary The aim of this work was to analyse the thermal management concept of a battery module consisting of prismatic lithium ion cells with focus on the temperature distribution.