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В год основания ребята записывают свой первый демо-альбом "Demo", на котором исполняют утяжелённую металлическими риффами версию панк-рока.

На следующий 1983 год коллектив записывает сингл "Feel the Steel", запись состояла из двух композиций "Feel the Steel" и "44 Killer".

In 1745, Frederick II of Prussia established a unit of Muslims in the Prussian army called the "Muslim Riders" and consisting mainly of Bosniaks, Albanians and Tatars.

It is being discussed whether apart from the Catholic and Protestant (and in a few schools, Jewish) religious education that currently exists, a comparable subject of Islamic religious education should be introduced as a regular part of the curricula.

The right to practice one's religion, claimed by the teachers in question, contradicts in the view of many the neutral stance of the state towards religion.

One such issue concerns the wearing of the head-scarf by teachers in schools and universities.

According to a national census conducted in 2011, 1.9% of Germany's population (around 1.5m people) declared themselves as Muslim.

После выпуска релиза трио отправилось в тур, отыграв концерты в Кельне, Франкфурте, Майнбурге, Гамбурге, Берлине, Изерлоне и Бельгии.

В 1988 году Black Virgin отметились на компиляции "Bands only a Mutha could Love Volume 1" звукозаписывающей фирмы Mutha Records.Two organisations have been banned in 2002 because their programme was judged as contrary to the constitution: The "Hizb ut-Tahrir" and the so-called "Caliphate State" founded by Cemalettin Kaplan and later led by his son Metin Kaplan.As elsewhere in Western Europe, the rapid growth of the Muslim community in Germany has led to social tensions and political controversy, partly connected to Islamic extremism, and partly more generally due to the difficulties of multiculturalism and fears of Überfremdung.В 1993 году к группе присоединился новый участник Роба Грэм (ex-Primal Scream).В обновлённом составе Black Virgin дают множество концертов в Манхэттене и прилегающих районах, выступая в таких клубах, как Lamours in Brooklyn, The 308 Bar, Trax NYC, Febuary's in Elmont LI, Sanctuary's, The Spiral, Lizmar Lounge и других.The Islamic Institut Ma’ahad-ul-Islam was founded in 1942, during World War II, and is now known under the name "Zentralinstitut Islam-Archiv-Deutschland" (Central Islamic Archive Institute).