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From Ringo's tap-tapping, Paul's droning bass lines, and the mix of rhythm/lead guitar reverbness (is that a word? I agree with Brian from Boston that their confidence reached an apex at this point and in my opinion, it is their finest period for song writing and recording.

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He said in The Beatles Recording Sessions that he came up with the idea after doing some experimenting of his own: “I was always playing around with tapes and I thought it might be fun to do something extra with John’s voice.

So I lifted a bit of his main vocal off the four-track, put it onto another spool, turned it around and then slid it back and forth until it fitted.

I like the Beatles during every phase of their career however this period with Rubber soul Rain Paperback writer and the Revolver album is my favorite.

I don't even know how to describe it but for some reason or another they just seemed to be at their best during this period.

Emerick tells roughly the same story in his book Here, There, and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles, describing it as a “creative accident.” He added that John insisted on using the effect at the end of “Rain”, leaving the recording up to him and George Martin.

Martin himself, however, had a different side to the story.Backward guitar and sitar solos appear throughout Revolver, which is credited as the first popularized use of “backmasking”, the intentional recording of a track in reverse.But songs like “Love You To” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” were not the first songs the band recorded backward. It was not the first time anyone had tried recording backwards – it had been available since the early days of Edison’s phonograph and avant-garde composers experimented with it as early as the 1950s. At this point in their career the Beatles wer more influenced by LSD than pot, having begun their acid fueled explorations roughly a year earlier. Like nothing that had come before, it announced the arrival of Psychedelic Rock in the Spring of 1966.The real birth of the Beatles’ backmasking came in the form of John Lennon’s reversed vocals during the outro of “Rain”, the B-side to lead single “Paperback Writer” that came out in the U. But the Beatles are universally credited with bringing the technique to the mainstream.