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we, as an institution, aim to prepare our students for careers as leaders, helping them to obtain a global perspective, consider and conceive interdisciplinary responsibilities and become capable of working in an international environment.

thus, we are glad to welcome you on board to participate in and be a part of our educational vision. hassemer dean of the faculty of economics - 4 - the four-week program 4-week program the four-week program 26th june - 21st july 2017 expand your horizon with a study abroad experience at the university of kaiserslautern! use the unique possibility to combine your international study experience with culture, nature and exciting night life.

this booklet provides information about the many elective and mandatory courses available during the summer school 2017.

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..airplane frankfurt-hahn, in addition to the international airport in frankfurt am main, there are other airports close to kaiserslautern including stuttgart, karlsruhe, saarbrücken and luxemburg.

so it should be easy for you to find an adequate flight from your home country. kaiserslautern can be reached easily via highway number 6 which runs from east to west up to the french border and highway number 63 running to the north as far as mainz.

- 6 - the city of kaiserslautern the city the city of kaiserslautern kaiserslautern kaiserslautern, a historic city set in the palatinate forest, is surrounded by a landscape of forest and hills.

i wish you a wonderful stay in kaiserslautern and great success with your studies, prof. kaiserslautern is located in the middle of the palatinate forest and offers a variety of outdoor sports, for example trail running and mountain biking.

for people who are interested in culture, the theatre, the museums and the bundesliga soccer team may be worth a visit.

several institutes of high repute, such as the fraunhofer institute for experimental software engineering (iese), the fraunhofer institute for (itwm), the german research centre for artificial intelligence (dfki), the institute for composite materials gmbh (insitut für verbundwerkstoffe gmbh; ivw), the institute industrial mathematics - 7 - cultural activities cultural activities for people who are interested in art and acting, the pfalztheater and the pfalzgalerie with its first-class art exhibitions are a remarkable idea for a visit in the evening hours.

a wonderful destination for a relaxing day is the japanese garden, which is now the largest in europe and the first of its kind in rhineland palatinate!

it will give you ideas about how to spend your spare time in and around kaiserslautern as well.

please do not hesitate to contact the international office team whenever you need any further information or help.

for technology and work (institut für technologie und arbeit; ita), the institute for the analysis of materials and surfaces (institut für oberflächen- und schichtanalytik; ifos) in addition to the research facilities at the university of kaiserslautern are all located here.