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Peyton and Mack squealed as they continued to discuss about which game they should play first. " Mack shrieked and hugged her terrified twin, Peyton. I mean, my name is.." I paused and my eyes wen..."Arrrghhh! " Jessica Freed said to her best friend/cousin , Harry Styles. Simon already knows that you can sing" he replied while winking at her. We've been over this, you know I don't want to get four yeses because you're my cousin" she argued. She loved that he supported her, but she knew that the judges might give her special treatment because her cousin is THE Harry Styles. He continued groaning, keeping his eyes shut tight and his body con..."Listen to me, Lauren. Her life was perfect; rich parents, a big house, money set on the table whenever she wanted, even a brand new vehicle for her high school graduation.As the girl's daddy, Spencer Connor, turned on the engine of the car. After waiting in the wait room for 30 minutes, Jessica was finally called up to go backstage. She had it all, everything everyone could dream of, including her best friend April. " Peyton nodded smiling brightly caring only that she was with her own family. "Because I want us to be perfect again and I know this relationship is worth saving." He sh... We just wanted to leave this place and never return, but we were forced to. I've always had trouble with showing myself to others and it took Drew years before I had opened myself up to him. An agonized groan came from in front of my car making me sick to my stomach. His blue flat-billed cap was underneath his head, rolling back and forth with him. I am the second youngest member in the band, and I'm sometimes labeled as the "infant" of the group. My family and I are originally from Northern California, but since our music career has grown even more we had to move. I'm really happy and all, but I really miss our old home. You're able to take in so much at one time and let it settle, till finally it builds up and you explode.

Her father had always made sure that Mitchy was still planning on going to Medical Schoo...Leslie Monroe is a troubled teen who recently got out of a Juvenile Detention Center after being held inprisoned for up to six months.Drew credited that piece of advice to Cowell, when he told them to “not change.” The band had a positive attitude about working with Cowell and being under his label Syco and Columbia.To stay emotionally balanced on tour, the band said they try to truly experience the cities where they perform."This is even more intimidating" she thought to herself. But she was lacking the one thing April was had plenty of; the love from her parents.

While practicing her audition song, Jessica felt something heavy bump into her and fell. Mitchy's mother was currently a lawyer, working hard on the daily and doing her best to prove her client innocent; Mitchy was intrigued by her mother.But they didn't look at her they way she looked at them.Her mother was consistent with being sure that Mitchy's grade's stayed above a 95%, other than that, Mitchy hardly existed to her.Emblem3 has already reached great milestones and are in position to take it to the next level.There are a few more concerts before the tour wraps up on April 6 in Lisbon, Portugal.In San Jose they ran around downtown and through the sprinklers at Caesar Chavez Park.