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A common trick to make the rather dark British amps sound a bit brighter without loosing the lower frequencies.Details of the amps reveal that the normal channel inputs were simply covered up with tape (the brill/norm combo requires that you only use the brilliance input once the two are combined).– Hiwatt DR103 All Purpose 100W heads with Mullard 4x EL34 power tubes and 4x ECC83 pre-amp tubes.

During the second half of the show, the band would perform a couple of numbers in front of the wall and David had a small rig with one Hiwatt head and a WEM cab for easy on/off rigging.

David’s Hiwatts were now modified with combining the normal and brilliance inputs.

All heads had the preamp section either removed or disconnected as in 1988-90 with the Alembic serving as the main preamp for the rig.

– Rack 1 consisted of the classic three DR103 heads modified with norm/brill input combo and preamps disconnected.

When David replaced Syd Barrett in early 1968, he continued with the same setup as his predecessor, – Fender Telecaster and Selmer amplifiers and cabinets.

The cover on Ummagumma also reveals two Sound City L100 amps, but it’s more likely that these belonged to either Waters or Wright as David went straight from Selmer to Hiwatt sometime during July 1969, – a relationship that would last almost uninterrupted for 40 years.

David used only two Hiwatt heads throughout the autumn of ’69 and the more familiar three heads setup appeared sometime during the summer in 1970.

David later got these placed in a custom rack in early 1971.

– WEM Super Starfinder 200 cabinets with 4×12” Fane Crescendo speakers with metal dust caps.

1973 – 1977 When Phil Taylor was hired as chief of Pink Floyd’s backline during their summer rehearsals in 1974 he bought several new Hiwatt heads and WEM cabinets for David – (Guitarist ’95).

One head was a spare, while the two mains powered each a WEM Super Starfinder 200w cab with 4×12″ Fane Crescendo speakers and a Marshall JCM 800 400w cab with 4×12″ Celestion G12M speakers.